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Mission : The Orphanage

The Orphanage
The story

You know, the girls' orphanage that used to be here has been empty for years. You know that there is no one there anymore and yet you feel the tremors going over your back when you push open the old oak front door. The cobwebs along the yellowed walls are proof that nobody has been in here for ages and yet every now and then you seem to hear something. A girl's voice somewhere in the distance. The floor creaks under your feet with every step as if to say: 'Get out of here'. Suddenly the radio jumps on...

The Orphanage is a blood-curdling adventure set in the old girl's orphanage that has always been there. But did the souls of the orphan girls leave? Or did they always stay in the building, waiting for someone to come and play with them?

As you slowly find your way into the old, dark orphanage and unlock more and more rooms of the building, you will get to know the world where the orphan girls spent their days. Everything is still in perfect condition, only a thick layer of dust betrays that no one has been here in ages. Why has this orphanage actually been abandoned? What happened to the girls? All their stuff's still there, like they didn't even have time to pack. Through the puzzles that turn out to be hidden everywhere you discover what happened in this place years ago and you stumble upon a horrible denouement.

4 to 6 Players
Level : Dur
  • Our experience

  • We Lost

    We Played on: 29-10-2019
    We did it in 60 minutes out of 60
    The team:
    Snow, Saol, Ayah, Maxime

    Global note: 16.00/20

    Immersion: Decor : 9/10 Atmosphere : 7/10 Story / Pitch : 8/10
    Enigmas: Coherence : 9/10 Progression : 8/10 Quantity / Times / Players : 9/10 Originality : 9/10
    Other criteria: Entertainment : 8/10 MJ / Helps / Debrief : 7/10 Search : 6/10

    Our opinion:

    By Snow & Saol

    Edit: Since our visit in November 2019 the sign has redone the room. They display: new story, new puzzles, more special effects. We can't wait to go back and find out.

    The Orphanage is the last room we play at Darkpark. After the very good Honeymoon Hotel and the incredible The End our expectations are very high for this last venue.

    But the pictures we've seen of this adventure remind us a lot of the Blackwood affair in Wake or in Lyon, so we wonder, will the experience be similar?
    Our MJ comes to pick us up to accompany us in an old orphanage at the end of a corridor. We also like the work done on the outside of the room. No real history brief to match what could have been developed here, maybe to allow our fantasy to let itself go in the room.

    As soon as we enter the atmosphere is excellent. There is certainly a certain uneasiness that sets in with us, that of evolving in a place where unhappy children would have lived. Images of children from 19th century novels are born in our minds (I was talking about fantasy going wild...).
    As in all the rooms of this shop, the atmosphere is very elaborate and the story unfolds before our eyes as the enigmas unfold. We had, at the end, the impression to know a little bit the residents of this place (which is really not the warmest).

    The spaces are numerous, very diverse and very vast. Finally except for one which will have really frustrated us and the enigma which is there can in my opinion only frustrate the big groups (I remind you that we were 4 and that the minimum is 4 and that it already frustrated us). So it's indeed a very small part of this adventure, but it's on it that we end up (and in our case on it that we'll lose) so it leaves a somewhat bitter aftertaste.

    With the exception of this riddle: we moved, we took possession of these spaces, we laughed, we were surprised, we held our breath, we searched, we thought, we handled objects and we had a great time.

    But it's true that it's unfortunate not to end up in a grand finale.

    We also really enjoyed the play of light and sound that will plunge us here into this strange world.
    The story develops, but is not clearly explained, no it is once again our fantasy, with all its anguish and mystery, thanks to clues about what happened here.

    The excavation is quite superficial, but we will still have enough to handle the objects of the place to be able to fully appropriate them.

    In summary:
    The Orphanage is a generous room because of the spaces and the enigmas and a rather oppressive atmosphere underlined by a careful decoration that makes us forget that we are in an escape. It does not, however, frighten us. The story is suggested there and your fantasy will do the rest. We regret the final puzzle for which we felt we were too many in too small a space and it is unfortunate to end up on that. But the room is really very interesting and well done.

    + We enjoyed +

    • The spaces
    • The credibility of the spaces
    • and the generosity of the spaces (most of them)
    • Very consistent puzzles and manipulations
    • Storytelling elements that give free rein to your imagination
    • The work with light to help the flow from one puzzle to the next

    - We didn't like -

    • One space that is too small with a puzzle that we think is difficult for "too" many players.
    • An atmosphere sometimes a little "underneath"...
    • A great linearity
    • Fairly little searching

    For who?

    • Pour ceux qui aiment les histoires
    • Pour les fans de manipulations

    Why play it?

    • Pour voyager dans le temps
    • Pour vous croire dans un endroit venu tout droit des romans


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